Information For Military Veterans

Military personnel who are preparing for separation and a return to civilian life have many excellent opportunities to work as a police officer, deputy sheriff, or correctional officer for any one of over 600 criminal justice agencies in California.  These positions offer generous benefits and salaries than can exceed $100,000 a year.

Military veterans are highly desirable candidates because of the experience and training they have acquired while in the service.  Experience has shown us that military veterans transition into civilian law enforcement and corrections careers with relative ease.  Veterans are highly motivated students and usually arrive at our academy in above average physical shape. 

The Criminal Justice Training Center at Napa Valley College offers a full array of entry level state certified training academies to prepare you for a career in law enforcement or corrections once you separate from the military. 

Basic Police Academy - Train To A Police Officer Or Deputy Sheriff
Corrections Academy - Train To Be A Correctional Officer
9-1-1 Dispatcher - Train To Be A Law Enforcement Dispatcher

We are located on a college campus that is ready and able to work with military veterans.  Our training center staff is excited about your return and wants to help you start planning for your next career.  Our campus offers students direct access to financial aid and personnel who can help you collect your G.I. Bill benefits.  We have a student health center that offers many free physical and mental health services to students.  Our counseling office provides educational planning services to help you transfer your prior educational credits and will help you plan for earning a college degree or for transfer to a four-year college.  Our college is actively developing other support services for you.  Take a look at what we have to offer so far.

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Napa Valley College Veterans Benefits

You can begin planning for a law enforcement or corrections career while you are still in the military.  There are two options for getting into a basic training academy for police officer, deputy sheriff, or correctional officer.  The first option is to apply for a "trainee" position with a city or county that hires and pays students to attend an academy.  This is an excellent option if you already know what city or county you want to work for.  The second option is to put yourself through an academy and to use your G.I. Bill benefits to pay for your expenses.  This option allows you to explore your options and consider jobs anywhere in California.  Many smaller police departments do not have trainee positions and hire only applicants who have already completed the police academy.  You can explore job opportunities at law enforcement agencies that interest you by reviewing their individual websites.  Click here for a list of law enforcement agency links.

Napa Valley College also offers an Associates Degree in the Administration of Justice.  Almost all of the Administration of Justice courses may be taken online from any location in the world with Internet access.  If you are going to be in the military for a more extended period of time, you can get a head start by enrolling in one or more of these online courses.  To enroll, simply complete an online admissions application.  Once admitted to the college, you can register for classes during the normal registration period.

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For those veterans interested in the Basic Police Academy Program, there are some steps you can take to prepare yourself before your release from the military.

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Military veterans must meet the entrance requirements for the Basic Police Academy Program including demonstrating academic and physical readiness like all other applicants.  We offer the entrance exam on a monthly basis and the results are valid for one year.  If you are home on leave, you could take this test in anticipation of your release from the military. 

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Military veterans must also complete a criminal history clearance like all other applicants.  This clearance must be completed in California and no sooner than 6 months before the first day the academy class begins.

The Basic Police Academy Program is eligible for funding by the G.I. Bill as well as other financial aid services.  In all cases, individual students are responsible for paying the course fees up front.  Applicants must make arrangements for collecting reimbursement from the G.I. Bill through the college's Financial Aid Office.

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We realize that every individual veteran has a unique set of circumstances and we are ready to start working with you to make your career aspirations a reality.  You can always call our offices at 707-256-7700 or stop by if you are in the area.